Registration and admissions open for the session 2023-2024.


Dear Alumnus,

You are our gems, carved out, chiselled, polished and sent out in the world to glitter and glitz.

It seems like yesterday when we cradled you in our arms and nurtured you to pursue your goals. Goals which we educators can proudly claim to have helped you dream.

As you would realize after leaving school that every moment spent there had brought its lessons, every person was a teacher, learning never stopped and you grew in all directions. Your school formed your personality, influenced you and moulded you into the human being you are today.

While you, reach for greater accomplishments in life, for us just knowing about your success and whereabouts is extremely satisfying and always fills our heart with pride and warmth.

I welcome and invite you to enrol as a member of this Alumni Association. This association, with your participation, will serve not only as a link with your Alma mater but also your friends.

With best wishes,

Anubha Arya
St. M. G. Public School, Patna